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15 questions a trustee should ask

"What is a trustee of a charity" and "what do charity trustees do" are two questions often asked by our customers.

Taking on the role of a charity trustee can be immensely rewarding, interesting and life-changing and BoardSecure was built on the premise that managed well, Charities are absolutely at the heart of a well functioning society here in the UK.

A reminder therefore that the Charity Commission have a really helpful list of things that a Trustee (new and old for that matter) should continually have in mind when running their Charity.

Titled '15 questions a trustee should ask', the link can be found here.

The questions focus on those that charity trustees need to be able to ask identify the critical issues - the charity’s purposes and plans, its solvency, its resilience and quality of governance - and to be able to review these at regular intervals. The Commission has designed these 15 questions to help charity trustees carry out such a review and decide what they need to focus on.

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