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Can I hold meetings electronically?

In recent weeks, the need to run meetings electronically has spiked.

A question we've been asked a number of times as part of this surge is whether a company or charity is 'legitimately' able to run meetings electronically, no matter the reasons that have forced this sudden move.

Whilst the following thoughts do not constitute legal advice (since without reading the particulars of your own constitution we are unable to advise specifically on your circumstances), generally company directors can choose how they hold their meetings, whether in person, by phone or via electronic means. What matters potentially most in company law terms is that the appropriate notice is given to all potential participants and that every one who should attend is given ample opportunity to attend.

Our three short tips to therefore ensure in coming weeks that decision-making is kept in good accord is:

- Ensure you re-read your articles and distribute notice meetings in accordance with the provisions made (for example notice for meetings is strictly kept to, etc)

- Technology options are tested in advance of the meeting - for example a number of our clients are ensuring they run 'dummy' meetings in advance of a formal meeting to check that all can access the meeting room planned (for example on Zoom) and hence when proceedings start in earnest there are no delays. Nothing worse after all than waiting 30 minutes in silence whilst one newcomer to technology adjusts their screen settings...!

- Keep good minutes of the meeting as you would do normally, but probably even more importantly right now distribute the draft promptly after the meeting and set clear parameters for changes to be made. Clearly this can be done through the BoardSecure platform (and we are happy to show you how), but if not one of our current customers we'd still advise you follow this protocol.

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