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I run a CIO – do I need to take minutes?

One in our series of ‘things I need to know’ about running a Charity Incorporated Association (or CIO).

Trustees are required (regulation 37) of The Charitable Incorporated Organisations (General) Regulations 2012 to take minutes of all meetings of their trustees. The same regulation also requires CIOs to keep those minutes and written records of decisions for (at least) six years, as well as any decisions of the trustees made outside a meeting of the trustees.

To reflect those provisions, similar requirements are included in both of the model forms of constitution for CIOs produced by the Charity Commission.

Don’t forget too that the Chair of trustees should sign the minutes before they are stored (for example on a platform such as BoardSecure) - they then become evidence of what occurred at the meeting. Where the minutes have been recorded and authenticated by the Chairman, the meeting is deemed to have been duly held and convened, all proceedings at the meeting are deemed to have duly taken place, and all appointments at the meeting are deemed valid.

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