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Onboarding & Induction

Mirror your existing induction routine or use our standard ones. Use our templates to create and improve your steps. Induct new Board members seamlessly. Set completion deadlines. Quickly reduce your risk.

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Meeting management

Distribute papers for meetings electronically and securely - no more mistyped e-mail addresses. Remove GDPR breach risk – no more post! Remove version control issues - improve board efficiency allowing members to view historic and live papers all in one place.

Particularly easy to run within virtual conferencing solutions like Zoom and Teams - enabling Companies run meetings during lockdown securely, quickly and help the administrator keep track of things whilst running the meeting.

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See how to run a Board Meeting in BoardSecure in 6 minutes


Templates and Risk Management

Use our bank of pre-written templates to improve your own processes. Includes risk register template and full instructions.

BoardSecure Templates

Conflicts of interest

Real-time, date stamped Conflicts of Interest register. Visible to all before a meeting begins. Quickly reduce your board’s risk in this highly topical area of board governance.

Conflicts exportable in real-time - can form part of board pack and reporting for each meeting, helping show your Board's management of conflicts is tangible and real.

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Training & Education

Bite-size, modular tuition on key areas affecting charities and SMEs – Director duties, the Role of a Trustee (CC03) and many more. Constantly updated and including certification for completion. Ensure ALL members of your board learn in their own time.


Set up in 5 minutes.

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